PATT SHEETS ASSORT.6.75x24" & 6.75X12" 1:24 G gauge PK724-24

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6 3/4" patterned sheets seconds

6 3/4" x24" patterned sheets seconds


Assortment pack (4pc 7x24 2 pc 7x12) of seconds. 1:24 G scale Vacuum formed styrene. Easy to cut, bend, glue & paint to a realistic finish. Some flaws may include: wrong color, a crease, under size (this is the majority), a little soft in the corner. 95-100% of the sheet area is usable. Regular price is $8.95 7x24" & $4.49 7x12" per sheet. This is a great deal at $14.95 per pack of 6 - 7x24". Pack typically will include BRICK, STONE, ROOF, SIDING.....

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