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1:1 by wt.or vol. Clear. 3 minutes work time - 5-10 minutes demold, 72 hour cure time. 8oz of each part A & B, read instructions thoroughly.

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Water clear produces a high impact rigid clear casting that can be used for lenses, encapsulations and water reproductions. Vacuum or pressure is recommended to achieve 100% bubble free castings. 5 min pot life, 30-60 min. demold. 8oz of each part A & B

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Urethane resin. Has a pot life of 60+ seconds and demold time of 10-15 min. Castings are tough and can be machined easily. 16oz each of part A & B Can be dyed with any of the Alumilite dyes

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610 Foam cures to a rigid, self skinning, light weight, durable foam. It expands up to 10 times it's original liquid volume and hardens up to a 6 lb. density without being packed.

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