About Our Company

Model Builders Supply was Founded in 1976 by Keith Day (1932-2007) It has been run by his daughter Wendy for many years now.

Our Mission Statement reads: To let the world know we have top quality scale model supplies with friendly customer service. Just remember; anything can be re-created in miniature!

Model Builders Supply manufacturers of a wide range of quality scale model parts for hobbyists and professionals, in scales 1:1200-1:12. World leading manufacturer of Plastic patterned sheets in many scales and colors, such as miniature bricks, roofing, siding, stone. Quality landscaping, non fading, non drying foliage & trees. Train scenery, Dollhouse, birdhouse and fairy house building supplies, wargaming and much more. Distributed worldwide.

We also do custom work: reproductions of a loved ones tombstone or part of one to have in your home. Restoring or reproducing sculptures, corporate gifts, antique matching vacuum forming, laser cutting, 3D printing and more. We also create reproductions of tombstones and sculptures etc.and do restorations.