Model Making

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Let's just talk about how Model Builders Supply got started in model making.

In 1957 model building in Canada was rather crude, with architectural models made mostly from card and balsa wood. Engineering models were built from wire, discs, turned wood, cardboard tubes and strip wood structures. Plastics were only just emerging. Keith Day (Founder of Model Builders Supply) was a pioneer in evolving and developing the sophisticated methods and techniques that today are widely adopted. He arrived in Canada from England in 1956.

Scale models are still the most effective and instant way of communicating a concept, in spite of the advances in computerization. In engineering process design, it was almost unheard of not to construct a physical 3D model of any consequential project. The model naturally becomes the focal meeting and proving point for the design of all disciplines, within the constraints of priority for space, accessibility, construction sequencing and function. In this context the aesthetics are a minimal consideration, but accuracy is paramount.

In architecture, the considerations are much more concerned with form and aesthetics as well as function. Therefore, in many aspects of architectural model making, surface texture and colour also play an important role.

Models are used for many reasons in many industries for:

Architectural, Engineering, Interior design layout, Displays & Prototypes, Forensic, Special Effects for Film & TV, Medical and more.

An excerpt from Model Builders Supply Model Making Manual


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