Model train show season is here again

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It's Show Time!

Well, it's that time of year again, no not pre-Christmas sales, it's train show season. Model Builders Supply has about 11 shows planned for Fall & Winter, so you're bound to see us at some show. 


Shows offer good oportunity to spend time speaking with customers to see what they want and don't want, we can engage with them and put a face to the Facebook friends we have made over the years.

It's also a great time to teach with formal workshops, in-booth hands on demos or visual instructions on how to build the perfect tree, paint our brick or stone plastic 3D sheets or simple instructions on cutting and using the right glue with different plastics.

Ouite often we bring items to the shows that aren't available in store or online AND we bring them to you, so that means no shipping and you get to take advantage of our show pricing which is typically 15% off the MSRP. That brings me to another point, pricing: keep in mind we do our best to keep prices low, there's a lot of hours and hard work put into bringing a "store" to each show. It allows you as consumers to see many products in one place and compare quality and pricing. So there's no harm in asking for a deals, but we might say no, so please don't be offended.

Now let's talk about buying Canadian for those in the north. Most of our products are produced right here in Aurora, Ontario, Canada,that's right, you heard me, Made in Canada, even for our US customers this is a good thing for you too!

Now let's get back to those pre-Christmas sales: Watch the Model Builders Supply website for "Features of the Week"  and Freight specials being offered periodically and if you're lucky enough to live close by us, we will also be having our annual Fall sale Nov. 25-29th/18 (Sun-Thurs) 


If you come to the shows, stop by and say hi smiley


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