How are you managing - Stay Home and Model on?

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How are you managing the STAY AT HOME requirements due to COVID19?

Back in March it seemed impossible, almost unimaginable that the world could shut down because of a virus. It's like a horror movie taking place in real life, in real scale. Yet here we are over 6 weeks later and although we seem to be flattening the curve in many places in the world including here in Canada, we have a long way to go before we return to what we know as a "normal" life. Looks like we are going to have to wait a bit longer for our beloved Hobby, Model train, Wargaming and Model car shows to return.

Sooooo what are you all doing at home with your hobbies to keep busy? We at Model Builders Supply have definately seen an increase in online sales ( especially scenery ) as people continue to work on their hobbies from home, and to those that have placed orders, we thank you for your support and for staying at home. I myself have actually been making up more dioramas than I ever have, and I'm enjoying it, A LOT! 


Every one of these dioramas shares the same base, nothing is glued down, I'm just trying to show how you could create a scene without commitment, this is a great option for kids to start exploring role playing games or create a scene from their favorite video game such as Fortnite Raider Rabbit or Cloaked Star and what about us grown-ups who got sucked into the vortex of Joe Exotic and Tiger King on Netflix (yes, I watched the whole series and the follow-up episode, couldn't help it) Spring is here and I love my garden (the actual living, real size kind), so why not layout a garden before commiting to the dig.

                                       Garden layout

Modelling is a huge stress reliever and gives me a great sense of accomplishment even though it's not a model that I can take to shows, that's why I take lots of pictures, which brings me to my next point:

Please share with us what you've been working on, even the smallest project is worthy, you never know, you might inspire someone. Send pictures to us that you would like us to post on social media to:  Subject: HOBBIES

As we are unsure when the world will re-open from this lock down, we will extend our LOCK-DOWN coupon to save 20% off online sales ($50 min) until further notice, so take advantage now. Apply coupon code: MODEL2020 at checkout

To answer some of you who are concerned that a Canadian company sells in US dollars, we do sell in both, go to the top left corner of the website and choose your currency. If you live in Canada, you will automatically receive a 10% discount at checkout, no coupon required, oh yeah, you can also combine that with the special lock-down code too!                 

We will get through this, hopefully with more modelling experience and appreciation for this facinating hobby we share.laugh



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