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Model Builders Supply Hobby store


Model Builders Supply – Retail Store

Our showroom is closed to the public due to COVID - however you can order online or call for a curb side pick-up 

It seems to me that people shop on line more than ever these days (wow, I sound like my grandmother).

Sometimes it’s entertaining to just visit an actual model shop to touch, see and experience in person what you desire to purchase and you won’t have to pay for shipping. If you choose to shop on line in your PJ’s please don’t let me stop you from doing that. Model Builders Supply website

Model Builders Supply was Founded in 1976 and we manufacturers a wide range of quality scale model parts for hobbyists and professional model makers, in scales 1:1200-1:12 (Train scales Z, N, HO, O & G). We are a world leading ma nufacturer of Plastic patterned vacuum formed sheets in many scales and colors, such as miniature bricks, roofing, siding, stone, treadplate….. Quality miniature landscaping, non fading, non drying foliage, grass, flowers, trees, hedges….. People, cars, fence, trusses, windows, doors, skylights and a whole lot of engineering and structural fittings….Train scenery, Dollhouse, birdhouse and fairy house building supplies, wargaming and much more. We distribute our products worldwide so you just might find our products in your local hobby store.

We also do custom work: Restoring or reproducing sculptures, corporate gifts, antique matching, vacuum forming, laser cutting and more. Just remember, anything can be re-created in miniature!


Come for a visit to our showroom and clearance centre where you can see and touch all our products and take your purchases with you, along with our 80 page catalogue.

You can also come out to one of the many model railroad train shows that are offered around and you might see us there too!


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